For several years, during my early morning time alone with God, I felt that, rather than getting answers to the questions and requests I would present to God – I was being directed to consider answering some questions FROM God to me.

I decided to take a closer look at the messages that Jesus preached all those years ago in Galilee.  What I noticed was this:  Jesus often attempted to teach his followers by asking questions.  And as I tried to answer some of those questions as I discovered them – I found that my memorized “answers” just didn’t fit – they didn’t work anymore. 

Somehow, I began to understand that what I had been taught was wrong.  At the same time, I found that the doctrines, the rules, the apparently contradictory issues that no one wanted to talk about because they just couldn’t explain them – just vanished or cleared themselves from my head. 

The false “traditions of men” and the profit-motivated explanations that have found their way into our everyday lives  became exposed and were dealt with one by one through the study of these “red letter” questions – these questions of Jesus that many Bibles print in red ink. 

That’s how I began the journey that got me here today.  I hope you’ll take the time to critically examine this website.  I challenge you to test the statements and teachings that are presented here.  And remember, we don’t charge for our materials – because God didn’t charge me for them.

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Fondly and Friendly,

Don C. Harris