I buried my dog yesterday. He was a life-long friend. I didn’t know if I could endure the whole ordeal… that is until I remembered, I’ll see ol’ Rover again one day.

Many people have ideas that they firmley believe are founded in the Scripture. They, essentially, never look for them – never read them – they just “know” they are there. The conversation can quickly become combatant and angry if their beliefs are challenged or even doubted. (Even if you are doubting ‘dog-resurrection’).

“Who told you that?”

“Oh the Bible says that.”

“Well, I don’t know exact chapter and verse, but it’s there! I know it is! I read it!

As you may have guessed, many, many times “it” is NOT there. Not a shred of Scripture to prove any portion of what many honest, well-meaning Christians believe. Many doctrines, held by millions of Believers, are even refuted and warned against by the Scripture, yet they are still held in a resolute and blissful, stupor.

“Yeah, well… maybe the “Nuts,” but not me!”

Sure, this problem is prevalent in the obscure doctrines of strange denominations that are on the fringes of traditional Christianity, but the “Bible says…” and the “Proof text” fallacy spreads to touch even the foundational elements of much of the common “Christian” faith.

None of us are safe. We all must ask ourselves, “Who told me that? – Where did I get that?” If it was not revealed to us – if we did not read it in the Scriptures we must be willing to, at least, hold our pet doctrines loosely until we can find some Scriptural foundation for it.

A zealous Christian witness hands me a tract and says, “Are ya’ goin’ ta heaven when ya die?” I answered, “Are you?”


I asked, “Who told you that?

He quickly answered, “Why, it’s a promise from the Bible…” Then he proceeded to spout one impertinent Scripture reference after another.

“Wait, wait, wait my friend. Tell me where the Bible says you are going to Heaven when you die?”

The fear and bewilderment, apparent on his forehead, began to mix with sweat . “I know it says it… somewhere… ya see… I’ve been SAVED!”

I continued. “Where did Jesus promise you entry into Heaven – under ANY circumstances?

“Well, my Pastor could give you chapter and verse… but… but…”

“I’m sure he could… Yep… I’m sure he could …”

Some red ink to consider:

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life…

John 5:39